These companies demonstrate the many ways businesses can 
successfully partner with local schools to improve the quality of
education and promote community involvement.

Business-School Partnership Awards


2014 Shareholder's Luncheon SupplementEvery district has unsung heroes who diligently and faithfully work to help schools provide an excellent education for students. The Fresno Compact annually recognizes those heroes who promote business-education partnerships.

Each year, we recognize ten local businesses that have built exceptional partnerships with schools, contributing time and resources to help students reach their full potential.

2016 Business Partner Award

On March 2, 2016, the Fresno Compact will honor ten outstanding businesses at the annual Shareholders' Luncheon where the Dr. Harold Haak Award will also be awarded. The tickets to the luncheon are $40. To purchase tickets or to get more information, call Mary Ellen Galvan at (559) 265-4036, or email

We encourage you to submit your nomination of one or more businesses whose partnership with education has had a positive impact on children and teachers.


2014 Shareholder's Luncheon Supplement (PDF, 425k)
Featuring the 2014 Business-School Partnership Award winners

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Featuring the 2013 Business-School Partnership Award winners

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Featuring the 2012 Business-School Partnership Award winners

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Business-School Partnership Award winners 1997-2015 (PDF, 67k)